A Place for All

At RodeoKids our mission is empower youth to be their best selves through the values and traditions of rodeo and the western life. We know it takes a village to do that! We’re here to be a part of your village. As athletes and parents in the western industry, our support staff is smaller than traditional sports. RodeoKids is a community where you can access support physically and mentally to advance your skills in the arena and in life. 


Our Story

In 2018 at the National Finals Rodeo, Camarie Widmer was talking with different professionals throughout the western industry about what they do for the youth when she realized that we were all missing something. We were missing the very link that will keep this industry, culture and western lifestyle as a whole alive. The youth. While there were opportunities popping up everywhere for youth to compete inside the arena, there was very little being done to build their skills, knowledge and abilities outside the arena and in life.

Camarie was an active member in her high school FFA program and still today implements many of the skills she learned through the program in her daily life. She started thinking about what could be done in the western industry to provide a similar experience. A community that created opportunities that built character, self-esteem, knowledge, networking, leadership skills and resume building experiences for the youth. **Not to mention, support for parents who are trying to be coaches, bus drivers, bankers, arena keepers and everything else that comes with being a #RODEOMOM or #RODEODAD.

With a little time and God's guidance, RodeoKids.com was born. The website was launched in the fall of 2019 with a mission is to empower youth to be the best versions of themselves to unlock the full potential of our youth to become community leaders and carry on the traditions of western life into the future.

In 2020 the first RodeoKids Ambassador team was created consisting of four members growing to a selected maximum of 50 members in January of 2022. On July 1, 2022, RodeoKids.com became a membership platform open to all youth age 21 and under. 

"Our goal is for all kids interested in the western industry to have a community. No matter if they live in the middle of rodeo country or out in the boonies by themselves, we want them to feel like they are part of the industry everyday." - Camarie Widmer