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A Prayer for You

I used to think when I read something like this, “wow, that person knows all the right things to say.” As I’ve studied, grown closer to God and pray more, I understand now that prayers like these are just a persons cry for help. Prayers are our way to show our gratitude and strength as well as our weaknesses and the places we need help.

I’ve been struggling to see the good in the world, so I’m asking him to help me shift my focus.

I’ve been focusing on the things that are out of my control, so I ask for help to focus on the things that are.

I’ve felt tension in my heart and mind, so I ask him to release me from the ways of this world that cause it, like too much technology.

What sometimes seems like a “perfect prayer” is simply a person who is struggling asking for help without complaining, blaming, or whining. And if you need to do that for a minute, you can do that too! I didn’t share my journal pages! 😂😉

Give it up to God this week and find the good! And if you still find yourself struggling, please reach out to us at We’re here for you inside and outside of the arena!

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