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Dear Parents…

Dear Parents,

Let your children learn to accept help and to ask for it.

It’s like when Moses was carrying the staff of God and couldn’t put it down when the Israelites and the Amalekites were fighting. While Moses was a strong man, doing a good thing, for the right reason, for his people, he still got tired. He couldn’t bear the burden of carrying the staff alone anymore. He wouldn’t have made it if he didn’t let Aaron and Hur place a rock for him to sit on and let them hold up his arms for him.

Let others hold you up in those times when things get to heavy because life gets heavy for all of us at times. Every single one of us needs help, needs people, needs support to get through it. Let you children learn to receive it. Set aside the pride and ego, and let others ALSO help them chase their dreams.

You do so much for them as parents financially, emotionally, physically, mentally. Your pour and pour into them. Letting someone else help doesn’t mean in any way that you are failing. It just means that you love them enough to help them grow in more way than one. Even if you wanted to do it all on your own, the Lord won’t let that happen, because we were created to help and support one another.

Let yourself receive the support as well. Let someone lighten your load. Often, when people want to help your children, it’s because they’re good kids. It’s because because they’re helpful, respectful, hardworking and they want to help them continue to grow. You’ve done a good job with them.

At RodeoKids, we strive to be that outside positive influence. We want to reinforce the values and traditions of the western lifestyle that many of us feel are missing in our current society. The values of hard work, teamwork, passion, kindness, compassion, responsibility, respect and more!

If you're looking for that reinforcement, let your kids join the RodeoKids team today!

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