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If We Don’t, Someone Else Will

Priorities: (noun) a thing that is regarded as more important than another.

Shift: (verb) move or cause to move from one place to another, especially over a small distance.

Sometimes in life we need to take a step back and look at what we are prioritizing in life. What’s important to us isn’t always what we prioritize. Sometimes we prioritize others before ourselves, scrolling (✋ guilty), busyness and a full schedule, eating, obsessive working out, drinking, the list goes on.

These mechanisms can all be used to avoid really going after that big, exciting, monster of a dream or goal you really want to pursue….. that’s been me! ☝️

Spoiler Alert: it gets harder the older you get!

Today, I decided to ask myself some questions…

- What is truly important to me at this stage in my life?

-What am I actively doing to make that/those a priority in my life?

-How can I shift to put my priorities at the top of my list?


That last question is a kicker! Not prioritizing that burning desire God has put in our souls, is being disobedient. Thinking about it and taking small actions, but not jumping in, is only partial obedience, which is also disobedience. It’s not fully trusting Him to provide in the scary places. And when we don’t do that time and time and time again, he eventually gives that path to someone else. Leaving us in the “What if I would have” category. I’m NOT going to let that happen! Are you?

Today, I’m shifting my priorities and I invite you to do it with me.

Together, let’s put that scary, uncertain, insecure burning passion, gosh, desire, dream that God gave us at the top of our priority list. Let’s shift away from the fake securities and the comforts of this world and go after that fire in our souls! Our time on Earth is such a fraction of what’s to come, so let’s get EXCITED and do something BIG because we know God will take us on an adventure we can’t imagine.

If this speaks to you, send us a message! Let’s jump in! Let’s go after it! Let’s play BIG! Let’s be those “I’ve done it” and “I’m doing it” people who check things off our list instead of those “I wish, can’t or shouldn’t” people. And remember, If we don’t, others will.

📝 Camarie Roorda

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