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Ignite your Inner Mountain Climber!

I love mountains! Physically and metaphorically. Anytime I get to one, I start to get excited. I know there’s an adventure, a memory and a story waiting for me to experience and share!

When you get to the base of a mountain, we’ve always prepared in someway. Physically you scheduled the trip and made it there, or you agreed to trust one of your crazy friends who you know every trip includes some kind of crazy!

Metaphorically speaking, you’ve made a commitment to a new event, Association, job, relationship, college, class, location, etc. Maybe this was an easy decision, but maybe it wasn’t and isn’t something you necessarily want to do, but you know to have the life you want, you have to choose to change. That change includes a climb! You know a mountain is ahead of you.

Each of us gets to choose how we conquer the mountains in our lives, and there will be many!

  • Option # 1 - Take the four lane. The four lane is 99% certain to get you through the mountain safely with very minimal chances of conflict along the way. The views will be okay, the road will be smooth, it will take a long time and the story will be one of just another traveler passing by.

  • Option #2 - We can look at our mountain and decide to take a two-lane road. One that’s paved with some switchbacks that will be a little bit scary if you’ve never done it before. Even the experience will need to slow down from time to time. You’ll often see some animals along the way and you know you’ll go over the mountain at some point where you’ll have a cool view.

  • Option #3 - You take the road least traveled. This road, while it comes with a little more caution ⚠️ is the shortest route. It has wild views, lots of animals to beware of, and often some pretty big obstacles. This path is exhilarating, breath taking, and full of memories that make stories. While this is often the fastest option, sometimes we choose to slow down on this path because it’s such an amazing experience that we don’t want to rush down to the other side so fast.

There isn’t a right or wrong path. They all get to the destination.

Today, I encourage you to choose an exciting adventure! To challenge yourself and let it be fun! To take the time and enjoy the view. To smell the fresh air and appreciate what God has created here on earth! Let it teach you, fuel you and guide you to the next destination!

A Prayer for you:

Lord, I pray that you spark our inner adventurer. That you help us to see that life is a series of mountain ranges and we get to choose to stay in the foothills or climb the mountains!

No matter what we all have obstacles because you made us to feel and to experience struggles in life so we can learn to trust you. But, Lord some of us stay in the foothills of life because we never trust you enough to give up the control we think we have to go explore what YOU have for us!

Today, and everyday, I pray that the inner explorer and mountain climber is sparked 🧨 in each of us! Lord, let us turn life into an exciting adventure of opportunities to learn, to grow, to find new ways, to shift, and to share. Let us let go of the way we think things should be and let you lead us into the wildness where we can be, do and have more than we ever imagined!

And they all said…..

✏️ Camarie Roorda

📸Jessica Day

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