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It's Hard

It’s been a learning and growing summer for this little sorrel gelding and myself. It’s his first year away from the house going to rodeos and jackpots. We’ve had our ups and downs.

I’ve been working on my physical fitness through Wolfe and Sons Performance for over a year. I've gotten stronger, my balance is better than ever, my loops feel snappier and more powerful than ever and I've felt really good about the roping workouts Dr. Andy Wolfe has me doing. With that being said, I’ve known for awhile that the physical components are there, but I’ve still struggled mentally. (Learn more about the physical game on the RodeoKids Fitness page.)

The truth is, it's been hard! Green horses are hard, getting back into it is hard, finding time is hard, business is hard, family tensions are hard, it’s all hard and you might not like this….BUT…


No matter what your story is, it’s tough. No matter what season you are in life, it’s tough. We all look back one day and say, this or that was easy, but in the moment, it was tough.

Knowing that and knowing that at the end of the day, that was just an excuse, I had to do something different. So, I asked Dr. Andy Wolfe who is research scientist and professor at Tarleton State University who teaches Sports Psychology to host a Mental Game Clinic through

It doesn’t matter how positive of a person you are, having a plan, creating a routine and igniting a fire of confidence and consistency is a whole different story. This RodeoKids Mental Game Clinic was a game changer. In the practice pen and in the arena, it’s different now.


I certainly don’t have it all figured out and today was just one day of putting some things together. I didn’t win first place, I was 3rd in the average and won a fast time, but I was able to get my mind right for the first time in a long time. Not only that, but I’m confident that I can recreate the feeling, thoughts and continue building! - If you’re looking to level up and find the missing links to your performance, join us at a RodeoKids Mental Game Clinic!

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