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Kids These Days...

Over the past two weeks I’ve gotten a simple, adult reminder from nature by watching my new puppy and 12 year old dog get to know each other.

As adults our job is to teach children how to live. We get to teach them how to be respectful, where their boundaries are and how to be playful without being painful or out of hand. We get to “Show them the ropes” of life.

Too often I see kids running the show without boundaries or respect for their elders. Sometimes it appears as if adults are scared of the kids who are looking to them for those boundaries or guidance in life. Other times I’ve seen adults being grumpy, excluding or ignoring the youth all together. And then there’s when adults play the “kids these days” card and just turn the blind eye then go complain to their buddies.

The funny thing about the reputation of youth today is that it was created by the adults today, but you rarely hear it explained or complained about that way. Kids are who adults teach them to be. Not just their parents. Not just their teachers. ALL adults have a responsibility to be a good human and foster the next generation.

So today, I encourage us all to be like Lewie and Earl! As adults we to draw lines, set boundaries, demand respect and enforce consequences, have fun, play and be an example for the youth around us. As kids you get to observe, find the boundaries,ask for advice, listen, participate, respect your elders and have fun learning what they have to teach you!

Life is good, you are amazing and the future is bright!


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