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Today, I encourage all of us to take a step back and ponder a few questions:

Who is your loyalty to? How do you show it? Is it serving you?

Are you serving it?

Herod the Great rebuilt temples, spent money and gave his people lavish lifestyles that were very attractive and flashy, but his people still didn’t trust him because it was superficial.

When you really think about what you buy, where you spend your time, who you spend your time with and the things of this world that you give your time and energy to, is it good? Does it serve your true beliefs, values and morals?

I believe that when we start to choose to participate in, support, share and align with what we truly believe is good and important, the world will become a better place. Even if it takes a little more time, costs a little more or maybe a little less and we don’t get instant gratification, recognition or results from it, the world will become a better place when do what we truly believe is right.

Friends, we must start choosing wisely, quickly! Every choice we make effects a youngster that is watch, learning, hearing what you value through your words and actions. What they pick up, is what they will carry on.


If you believe in what we’re doing at RodeoKids, please know we cannot do it alone. It take a village, a family, a tribe to keep organizations such as this moving forward. If you would like to support our cause to give youth in the western industry educational opportunities to expand their knowledge, embrace their God given gifts and talents, develop a stronger network and grow their faith, please head over to!

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