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Navigating the New

Navigating the New….

New opportunities, new changes, new horses, new events, new grades, new jobs, new schools, new relationships, new associations, all the new things in life…

How exciting they all are.….. and uncertain, unknown, and uncomfortable at times. New means change and change can be a whole lot of emotions wrapped up in big ball inside our brains and hearts.

When navigating the new, we are vulnerable as our emotions and feelings can be a raw in unchartered territory. Just when we’re really about to make the jump on this new thing is the devils favorite time to sneak in. Heck, sometimes he even buys a ticket to the show, along with his best friends, fear, doubt and worry.

The devil tries to shift our focus from all the reasons it will work, we are worthy and we do deserve something, to why it won’t, we aren’t and we don’t.

The devil tries to take our confidence, self worth, and willingness to succeed, and drown it in doubt of who God created us to be.

The devil might even recruit some other people to come in share their fearful thoughts and opinions on whatever this new and exciting thing is to cause you to worry.

I’ve been there, sometimes I am there, but then I remind myself of the devil’s stronger opponent, God the Father Almighty. He will destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8).

When the thief (devil) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; God has come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10) When I submit myself to God and resist the devil, he does flee from me! (James 4:7)

You see, the devil doesn’t want us to succeed, because then we get to share one more story of how great God is with more people. That’s the opposite of what the devil wants, so he go go great lengths to kill, steal and destroy our dreams, goals, and desires that God puts in our hearts.

Today, I encourage you, no matter what ‘new’ you are navigating, let HIM lead. Put on the armor of God, believe in yourself for who He made you to be, trust that you are completely capable of being that person, doing the thing and making it work. Rest easy, knowing that God is in control, God will only do what he knows is best for all, and that as long as we trust God and his plan, it will all work out better than we could have imagined in the long run!

Now, Go do the dang thing!

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