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Outgrowing Their First Love

One of the hardest moments for a young rider to experience, is the moment they know they're dreams are goals require a longer stride, quicker feet, a more powerful motor and it comes in a bigger package. This moment is often one of the first big life-lesson many youth riders experience on making decisions to let something they love go.

A few reminders when this time comes: - A good horse or pony gets to be valued. - The lessons you've learned and the things you've accomplished get to be valued forever, nobody can ever take away those memories or experiences. - Letting the pony go to another family allows the pony to continue being loved and making memories for many years to come. - While it is a very hard decision and so hard for the pony's rider, it's also hard on the parent's heart to see their youngster hurt. This is an opportunity for parent's to teach their children how to handle this situation in the future.

- While it may be very uncomfortable in the beginning, it's important to make the decision that benefits the long term of the horse or pony, the rider and the life changing opportunity the pony can provide for another family. - Just like humans, when we retire horses and ponies before they're ready to be, their health, mobility and joints will deteriorate faster than if they stay in shape and continue using their brains and bodies. - Also like humans, when turned out to pasture and put on the backburner, horses and ponies can get depressed. - When you get to see someone else succeed on a pony you were successful on, it gets to bring you joy and happiness in knowing that you made a decision that changed another person's life.

At the RodeoKids, we love the lessons these "worth their weight in gold" horses and ponies teach youth. They instill confidence, build relationships, teach responsibility and many more lessons. If you have one of these equine athletes who still has what it takes to change another child's life, we ask that you please let the next family experience the joy, memories and lessons that pony taught your child.

We are proud of Pony Pro Kinley Whitaker for making this tough decision, and love to see those big smiles on Cookie's next family!

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