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The Highs and the Lows

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, life is going to throw unexpected things at you! Things that you aren’t sure in the moment what’s really happening. Your emotions will be all over the place and you won’t be sure how to act or what to do with your hands!

Sometimes those things are wonderful things. Huge accomplishments that have come to fruition. Times where you hear your name called to claim the buckle, the saddle, the title. The hard work, the dedication, determination, consistency, commitment, and hours and hours in the practice pen and on the road will come together for you to be called “champion” by the announcer, the points, you peers, the hardware you receive and the name on the check.

Ahh those are wonderful moments! Whatever you do, find a way to share your emotions in those moments. If it’s joy and excitement you’ve never experienced before, fist pump, high five, smile cry, hug, yell, be HAPPY!! Share your joy with those who support you, those who cheer for you and those who look up to you. Show them what it feels like to accomplish your goals so they catch a little bit of that to fuel their fires too!

We can do all of that and still be humble. Humble doesn’t mean we have drag our feet and act like it’s no big deal. Humble just means to not brag or boast about it after the moment has passed to make others feel less than.

Don’t relish or get stuck in these moments for too long though. We can get stuck in the “that one time” glory and forget to move on to the next challenge we’re meant to conquer!

Then there’s the flip side. Those same words in the first paragraph can be used to explain the unexpected, disappointing, difficult times in life. The times we didn’t achieve the goal, got injured, our horse got injured, we drew bad, blew a tire or had truck problems and got drawn out, death happened, the judge made a mistake, we got in trouble and lost the privilege, the list goes on.

It can feel in those moments that it’s all for nothing, but I promise, it’s not. As hard as it is find a way to cherish those moments as well. Those often hold the lessons, the secrets, the opportunities that we need to accomplish the goals that we’ve come up short on. Look for those things when things are going “wrong”!

There will also be times that are completely out of our control. That’s when we share them with someone we trust and we give it up to God. The pain, suffering, sadness, disappointment, discouragement, grief, all the emotions, we can just give them to him. He will use that for fuel to keep our fires lit when we don’t feel like we can continue on. But, if we hold those negative emotions in, they can be used as dirt to put out the fire and dim your light.

He uses all of these experiences, joy, excitement, frustrations, sadness, confusion, pain, all of it to guide us through life. When you look back, one thing always leads to another and when you’re living for God, for a purpose, you can connect the dots!

Keep your chins up, keep chasing your dreams, following your paths, trusting Him, celebrating, learning, HAVING FUN AND MAKING MEMORIES with the people you love and who love you back!


If you find yourself in a place where you could use some extra support, Schedule a coaching call to talk through it, create a strategy, and move forward to continue being the champion you were meant to be inside and outside of the arena!

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