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Things Suck!

I was reminded by a friend last night that it’s okay for things in life to suck sometimes.

I grew up with the “cowgirls don’t cry” mentality. I thought, for most of my life, that showing weakness or vulnerability made me less than, girly, or not strong enough. I know that’s all rubbish, but I respect that it’s been a survival mechanism for many through tough times.

Nobody is exempt from struggles that bring us down, damage our bodies, impair our egos, knock down our confidence and even break our hearts. We will all go through some form of that, if not all, at some point in our lives. Even the most devout Christian’s and those who seem to have perfect lives, will struggle behind closed doors. Why? because we’re human!

Again, we ALL go through things in life, so why try to be tough and do it alone? Instead, if you’re going through something, call up your people. Share your news, your pain, your hurt. If you need to yell, yell. If you need to cry, cry! If you need to punch something, find a pillow! If you want to break something, find that old dish you never liked anyway and break it, just put shoes on first!

Don’t let it fester inside. That’s what makes people sick. Let it out. Trust others. Tell the truth. Those who love you will give you the space and time you need to get it out of your system. True friends won’t judge you, rather, they’ll be thankful that you trusted them with your struggles and it’ll bring you closer together. One day, they’ll need you to be their confidant.

Now that you’ve gotten it out, the next step is really important. Now, you get to separate your feelings from facts and remind yourself that this or these are THINGS that suck, but it doesn’t mean that life sucks. Have Grace (show kindness and compassion) for yourself.

You are not alone, you are loved, you will get through this and in time, things will be better on the other side.


If you are going through something and don’t feel like you have someone you trust right now, please reach out to me. You are not alone. I love you, I care about you and I want to support you. I will not judge, shame or share what you’re going through. I will simply listen and pray with you.

To those who are in my support system, thank you! All of you! You are a blessing in my life!

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