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Time to Transplant

There’s been a video surfacing on social media from Boy Meets World! Man that was a good show!

Mr. Turner, the shows main teacher is giving Shawn, a male high school student, a lesson about life through his plants. 🪴

During the video, he talks about how if he didn’t take his plants and put them in bigger pots, they would never grow beyond the size of their environment. Once you transplant it to a bigger pot and different environment, it might struggle at first, but in time it will flourish.


A plant can also continue growing where it’s at, but if their environment doesn’t change things will get messy as they search for a different environment. The roots will get bigger causing the plant to protrude out of the pot, dirt will go everywhere, when you try to water it, it will make a mess because it’s too big for where it’s at.

Now, that plant can still be appear to be growing and blooming, but overtime, one part at a time, it will eventually die off and shrink back to its environment. This plant could have been split and multiplied for many to enjoy, but since we didn’t let it get into a different environment, it shrunk back.


Then there’s the plant in my house that is time to transplant. It’s growing a strong root system, but those roots are starting to get pretty dramatic and tangled up. If I don’t take this out soon and put it in a different environment, its own roots will end up in a mess and cause it to die, never coming close to reaching its full potential.


Parents and kids,

As Mr. Turner says, if he just left his plant there, where it once was, it would have stopped growing.

It’s just like us! We have to be willing get a little uncomfortable while we transplant ourselves into new environments and different surroundings. Sometimes we even have to be forced out by someone else. Others we just have to allow ourselves to let go of whatever we’re holding onto so we can continue to grow and thrive.


Today, loosen up a little and let go. Allow yourselves or those around you to thrive in a new environment. Even when they seem too small to make it at the next level, water them with encouragement, fertilize them with a little tough love, pray for them to get fresh air and enjoy watching them flourish!



Please help us see the places in our lives that we are holding on and not flourishing. Help us to recognize the places that we are not allowing those we love to enter new environments as well. We know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. Proverbs 5:3-4.

Let us trust you and your plans for us and those we love. Let us have big faith because you are a big God and nothing is impossible for you. Let us remember that you are beside us and those we love at all times and that security is enough to let go and let big things happen, even when it's scary, uncomfortable and we have to start at the bottom!


📝 Camarie Roorda

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