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Tips for College Rodeo Recruiting

Recruiting season is firing up for college rodeo coaches and potential athletes around the country!

Recruiting for rodeo teams is a little more difficult than other sports. Most sports have recruits out scouting and reporting back to coaches at the college. Organized sport coaches generally have relationships established with coaches around their area who can report who has the best potential to fit their programs. Bigger schools have people hired specifically for recruiting.

Rodeo coaches on the other hand are lucky to even have an assistant, let alone someone to help them recruit. Not only are they trying to run practices, make sure students are prepared for the next college rodeo and taking care of their animals properly, they're generally doing 99% of the recruiting efforts on their own, with a tight budget.

So, if you're a senior or junior high school rodeo athlete looking to take it to the next level, help out your coaches and let them know you're interested in their program.

Check out the images below for tips and tricks to making your recruiting process easier!

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