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Sometimes we just need a little reminder that the people in the stands and behind the scenes love us and they're proud of us!

Think about all the people in your corner! - Parents - Brothers and sisters - Grandmas and Grandpas - Aunts and uncles - Cousins - Friends - Rodeo family - Coaches - Teachers - Announcers and entertainers - Chute help and the gateman - The ladies and gentlemen in the kitchen who recognize you and your respect for everyone - The youngsters in the stands aspiring to be like you one day

Every one of us are proud of YOU! When you start to feel that nagging from the enemy to take your focus off the good things in life, just look around and remember all these people who are behind you. Win, lose or draw in that very moment, we support you and believe in you. Keep chasing those gold buckle dreams!

P.S. At we see you and we're proud of you too! Stay the course and let us know if we can support you in any way!

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