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RodeoKids Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is allocated to youth in the western industry who want to expand their knowledge and skills inside and outside of the arena.

Please read the conditions before applying.

  • Funds can be used for clinics, camps, lessons, seminars, educational subscriptions or other educational purposes.

  • Funds may be awarded partially or fully at the discretion of personnel. 

  • If your are approved to receive a RodeoKids scholarship, funds will be sent directly to the clinic, camp or lesson contact to reserve your spot.

  • Funds can also be used to purchase educational material such as books, training videos, etc.

  • Ages 5-19 can apply for scholarships

  • 1-2 Scholarships will be awarded per month, depending on funds available.

  • We will DRAW for scholarship winners the last Monday of each month.

  • Scholarship recipients will have 24 hours to claim their scholarship. We will send an email with a time you must contact us by. If we do not hear from you via phone call or e-mail within the 24 hours from the time on e-mail, we will draw another applicant!

  • Filling out this form does NOT automatically mean you will receive a scholarship.

  • Any applications NOT submitted as instructed will be automatically disqualified without notice.

  • Reapplying with proper information is allowed.

  • These funds will NOT be applied to:

    • Continuing education: College, trade school, etc.

    • Entry fees for rodeos, jackpots or shows of any sort

    • Fuel

    • Membership dues

    • Supplies: tack, feed, hay, supplements, etc.

    • Veterinary bills

  • HINT: Pay attention to what the blanks and submissions ask for. If they are not properly submitted, your application will be automatically disqualified without notice. 

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