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RodeoKids across North America need your support!


RodeoKids is a Non-Profit organization needing your support to continue offering opportunities for youth in the western industry. All funds go towards scholarships, educational opportunities, travel costs for members and operating costs that go into creating these opportunities. 

Join Our Partners


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Dr. Andy Wolfe and his team will take your performance to the next level physically and mentally with event specific workouts. 

Health & Diet

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Registered dietitian, and PhD. Bailee Cooper, will improve your performance inside and outside of the arena with a balanced diet specifically for you! 

Mental health

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Mr. Zach Rhodes knows all about the mental side of the game. As he's learned to conquer his own mental game, he's mentoring others through his blog and brand The Unbroken.

Rodeo queens

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Katie Stein is a Queen coordinator with all the connections! "We are for pageant girls, rodeo queens, ag titles and everything in between!"

Preserving the culuture

Protect the harvet.png

Western Justice and Protect the Harvest are working hard to preserve and protect our culture, our way of life and our history from extreme activities trying to ruin our heritage.  

"All kids need is a little bit of help,

a little bit of hope and

someone who believes in them."

- Magic Johnson.

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Help us make a difference


"History will judge us in the difference we make in the everyday lives of children." - Nelson Mandela. Thank you for your donation! You have made a difference!


If you'd like the opportunity to sponsor RodeoKids, please enter your information and we'll get in touch with Sponsorship opportunities! 

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